Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brilliance Personified

Me: So what brought you to the ER today?

Brilliant Mother: Well my kid's been coughing a lot since last night and I thought I should bring her in

Me: It says on the chart here that she had Ventolin at 0500 today.

Brilliant Mother: Yep. And it worked for a while.

Me: Well it's now 10 pm, has she had any since then?

Brilliant Mother: No and she's still coughing

Me: Really? (inside voice: SHOCKING!!) Well you do realize that the Ventolin is to help with the coughing that is related to her asthma. If you don't give it then she won't get better.

Brilliant Mother: Yeah....I guess.

Brilliant Mother left with her offspring with instructions by the doctor to use her Ventolin puffer. And the Canadian tax payers were charged $350.

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